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Super Yacht Refits in Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to American Marine Repair, the premier destination for yacht refits and marine repair services in Fort Lauderdale. Specializing in super yacht refits, we understand that the upkeep and modernization of your vessel are crucial. Our services range from minor aesthetic changes to major structural modifications and safety upgrades, ensuring your yacht meets the highest standards of class, functionality and style.

Types of Yacht Refits at American Marine Repair

We offer structural enhancements, deck equipment updates, and complete extensions as part of our comprehensive boat refit services.

We excel in yacht repair modifications, such as constructing a bulbous bow or undertaking major propulsion changes to boost your yacht’s performance.

Our yacht refits in Fort Lauderdale are designed to reflect the unique preferences and requirements of each owner, ensuring a personalized touch.

American Marine Repair is adept at upgrading older vessels with the latest technology and styles, blending tradition with modernity.

Trust our expertise in rejuvenating worn parts and restoring full functionality to your yacht.

World-Class Structural Refit Experts in Fort Lauderdale

At American Marine Repair, we take pride in our ability to handle complex refit projects that often challenge other companies. Our extensive experience, certifications, and robust work ethic, combined with advanced equipment, enable us to tackle a wide array of refits.

Highlighted Project: Refit of M/Y Zexplorer at Derecktor Dania

A testament to our expertise is the recent refit we completed for M/Y Zexplorer at Derecktor Dania. This project was a showcase of our capabilities, involving extensive work over a 20-month yard period. The refit included significant modifications that not only enhanced the vessel’s length and propulsion system but also transformed its interior layout and overall functionality. Key projects carried out by American Marine Repair during this period included:

  • Hull Extension: Extending the hull by 3.7 meters.
  • Major Propulsion Overhaul: Changing from Pod Drive to Straight Shafts.
  • Engine Overhaul: Rigging and lifting the engines for comprehensive servicing.
  • Plumbing System Updates: Re-plumbing the hot water manifold to the house system and the bilge suction.
  • Pipe Modifications: Adjusting and updating piping systems for improved efficiency.
  • Stern Tubes and Rudders: Overhauling these crucial components for better navigation and control.
  • Struts and Keel Extension: Extending the keel by 30 feet and reinforcing struts.
  • Deck Reconstruction: Updating deck frames and deck plates.
  • New Dive Lounge: Building a complete new dive lounge, enhancing the yacht’s recreational capabilities.

You can read more about this remarkable refit in this article by Superyacht Times and this article by Boat International.

From extensions and customizations to class work and modifications, we specialize in a wide array of refits. We maintain a stellar reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, regardless of the complexity involved. With us, a refit project ceases to be a nightmare; instead, it becomes a seamless, worry-free experience.

Our yacht repair and refit services for steel, aluminum and fiberglass hull vessels include:

  • Hull, keel, and deck structural extensions
  • Hull, keel, and internal framing plate replacement
  • Tank and tank top plating replacement
  • Stern tube replacements
  • Crane base installation and deck fortification
  • Stabilizer foundation installation and hull fortification
  • Anchor pocket plate repairs and installations
  • Bulwark and superstructure repairs and modifications
  • Repair or modification to crash, watertight, and fire tight bulkheads
  • Thru hull replacement and installation
  • Mast modification and fabrication
  • Weld and repair rudders
  • Engine removal and replacement
  • Major propulsion changes from pod drive to straight shafts
  • Complete buildout of a new dive lounge
  • Complete construction & installation of a bulbous bow
  • Struts repair
  • Removal and replacement of main raw water supply standpipes
  • Removal and replacement of Bilge suction pipes

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