Marine Plumbing Services

Marine Plumbing: Excellence in Motor Yacht Maintenance by American Marine Repair

Marine plumbing systems are integral to the functioning and safety of any motor yacht. At American Marine Repair (AMR), we specialize in these complex systems, ensuring your vessel’s performance and security are never compromised. Our marine plumbing services address the hidden yet vital network of pipes that manage fluids and air essential for various control systems. Neglect in these systems can lead to serious issues such as vessel malfunction, flooding, or even catastrophic accidents like fire or pollution.

Expertise in Marine Plumbing Services: Materials and Methods

At AMR, our expertise extends to the entire spectrum of marine plumbing materials and methods. Understanding the challenges posed by different materials, from ferrous to PVC and CPVC, is crucial in our industry. We are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and class certifications necessary for effective pipefitting and plumbing solutions. Our commitment to quality is unwavering; we use only the best materials for every job, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Class certified full penetration butt or socket weld technique
  • Press-fit pipe systems
  • Threaded pipe connections
  • Mechanical compression and tubing
  • Customized high and low-pressure hose solutions

Our AMR plumbing team is skilled in working with a variety of materials, ensuring each installation meets class specifications:

  • Copper nickel IPS 90/10 or 70/30 grade in Class 200 or Schedule 40 thickness
  • Stainless-steel 316L or 304 IPS schedule 10, 40 or 80
  • Mild Steel IPS a53 Grade B or A1006 Grade B schedule 40 or 80
  • Aluminum 5086 or 5086 series IPS schedule 40 or 80
  • Stainless-steel 316L or 304 mechanical tubing from 16 to 11 gauge
  • PVC and CPVC IPS schedule 40 and 80
  • Soft or wire reinforced hosing with numerous end connection capabilities. Most common for high pressure being AN 37° flared fittings and low pressure being hose barbed with clamps

Why Choose American Marine Repair for Your Boat Repair and Marine Plumbing Needs

At AMR, we prioritize efficient and cost-effective solutions, focusing on repairing existing pipes wherever possible. However, when replacements are necessary, we custom-make pipes to exact specifications. Our pipefitters are not only experienced in crafting the needed parts but also excel in precise installations, leaving no room for error. We collaborate with vessel and class surveyors to ensure every job meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

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For top-tier marine plumbing and boat repair services in Fort Lauderdale, trust American Marine Repair. Our certified professionals are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and performance of your motor yacht.