Types of Vessels

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Welcome to American Marine Repair, the leading destination for comprehensive marine repair and customization services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Specializing in a wide array of boat types, our dedicated team brings unmatched expertise in fiberglass boat repair, aluminum boat welding, stainless steel fabrication, and more, ensuring your boat receives the highest quality care.

Steel Boat

Steel boats, renowned for their strength and durability, require expert marine metal fabrication and repair. At American Marine Repair, our Fort Lauderdale team provides top-tier marine welding and fabrication services, addressing common challenges like corrosion, weld decay, and structural damage with precision.

Leveraging a highly skilled team and cutting-edge technology, we ensure your steel boat is not just restored but significantly enhanced.

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Aluminum Boat Repair

Aluminum boats, celebrated for their lightweight durability, require expert care due to their material’s thinness. Welding aluminum, known as the most challenging metal to work with, demands the refined skills that our team at American Marine Repair proudly offers. Specializing in aluminum boat welding, we address common issues like stress cracks and electrolysis damage head-on. Our marine metal fabrication services based in Fort Lauderdale provide a wide range of customization options, ensuring your aluminum boat is not just repaired but fully transformed.

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Fiberglass Boat Repair

Fiberglass boats are popular due to their corrosion resistance and lightweight properties. American Marine Repair specializes in repairing common issues for fiberglass boats like blisters, thru-hulls, delamination, and impact damage. Our Fort Lauderdale team provides top-notch fiberglass boat repair services, ensuring your boat remains in peak condition. Plus, our customization services further enhance your boats utility and aesthetic appeal.

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Carbon Fiber Boat

The unique properties of carbon fiber boats, including their high strength and low weight, require specialized marine repair knowledge. Our team excels in repairing impact damage, UV degradation, and delamination, ensuring your carbon fiber boat retains its prowess, complemented by our exclusive customization options.

AMR: Trusted Repair and Customization for Esteemed Boat Brands in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

American Marine Repair works on all major boat brands and offers comprehensive marine repair and boat customization services. Specializing in a wide range of boat services, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled craftsmanship across all materials.

Types of Vessels
Class-Certified Excellence

As a class-certified provider of boat repair in Fort Lauderdale, American Marine Repair is recognized for meeting the rigorous standards set by major classification societies for boat repair.

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