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At American Marine Repair, we’re not just a boat repair shop; we excel in certified welding boat repair and a wide range of metal services. Our team of expert welders, certified by Lloyds, ABS, USCG, RINA, DNV, and BV, delivers exceptional craftsmanship that meets and exceeds industry standards. Whether it’s aluminum boat welding, fabricating, or machining, AMR Welding has the skills and equipment to handle any project with precision.

Our fully licensed and insured boat repair shop prioritize quality at every stage of the marine welding process. We conduct in-house quality assurance inspections, including non-destructive testing and visual inspections, to ensure the highest standards in boat welding are maintained. Each project at our boat repair shop is meticulously executed, surpassing customer expectations and delivering outstanding results.

Precision Welding for Diverse Boat Metals at
American Marine Repair

Specializing in high-quality marine welding services, our skilled welders at American Marine Repair have the expertise to handle a wide range of metals, adhering to class certification requirements and industry standards. Here’s how we address different materials:

Mild steel welding demands an in-depth understanding of its chemical composition to master its complexities. Knowledge of factors like carbon content, equivalency, and cooling rates is crucial for achieving precise and reliable welds.

Welding stainless steel involves skillfully overcoming challenges like warping and cracking during heating and cooling. Selecting the right filler materials and maintaining precise heat control are integral to the process, ensuring the delivery of exceptional stainless steel welding results.

Known as one of the most challenging metals to weld, aluminum boat welding demands a delicate touch due to its unique properties. Being lightweight and sensitive to impurities and porosity, it requires skilled expertise for optimal results. American Marine Repair, with decades of experience, specializes in aluminum boat welding.

Welding copper nickel alloys requires distinct expertise, a standard at American Marine Repair. Our welders, adept in the unique characteristics of these alloys, deliver welds that consistently meet the highest standards of excellence, demonstrating our commitment to superior craftsmanship.

At American Marine Repair, welding stainless steel to mild steel is executed with expert precision and strict adherence to certified procedures. Our team is proficient in the nuances of this complex process, skillfully selecting the appropriate filler metal and controlling heat application to forge a strong, corrosion-resistant bond

American Marine Repair is adept in handling Aquamet, a modified stainless steel renowned for its superior corrosion resistance. Our meticulous approach and profound expertise in welding Aquamet to steel guarantee reliable and long-lasting connections, showcasing our commitment to outstanding welding quality.

Versatile Welding Methods for Every Boat Repair Need

American Marine Repair is equipped with a variety of welding methods to suit any material and project need. Our AMR Welding techniques include:

TIG welding

Ideal for non-ferrous metals like aluminum, which is extensively used in our aluminum boat welding. This method primarily utilizes a non-consumable electrode and an independent filler material, ensuring precise, aesthetically pleasing, and strong welds.

MIG welding

Best suited for joining large, thick materials, a common requirement in boat repair. MIG welding employs a consumable wire that acts as both a filler material and an electrode, facilitating efficient and effective welding.

Stick welding

Recognized for its versatility, this method is adaptable to a wide range of marine welding environments. It involves using a stick electrode welding rod and an electrical power source, making it suitable for joining various metals.

For top-tier boat welding services and unmatched expertise in certified welding boat repair, choose American Marine Repair. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and adherence to class certifications guarantee exceptional results for your project.

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