Expert Pipefitting

American Marine Repair (AMR): Your Trusted Marine Plumbing and Pipefitting Service Providers

With over three decades of experience in marine repair, American Marine Repair (AMR) has established itself as the leading provider of marine plumbing and pipefitting services. Our team of world-class certified pipefitters offers unparalleled expertise and in-depth knowledge, crucial for maintaining, repairing, and performing full-scale refits on complex marine plumbing systems. Unlike traditional land-based plumbing, marine piping systems require specialized understanding due to challenges such as heat, vibration, and corrosion. Our exceptional skill in marine pipefitting ensures your vessel’s plumbing operates flawlessly.

Class-Certified Pipefitting for Diverse Marine Systems

AMR’s class-certified pipefitting services cover an extensive range of pipe systems, crucial for any marine plumbing.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Raw water cooling systems
  • Bilge suction and firefighting systems
  • Ballast transfer and treatment systems
  • Black and grey water transfer and treatment systems
  • Fresh water systems
  • A/C cool water loops
  • Fuel oil transfer and treatment systems
  • Clean and Dirty Lube Oil systems
  • Hydraulic tubing and hosing
  • Compressed air systems
  • Deck and condensation drains

Pipefitting Expertise in Various Materials & Systems

The intricacies of marine pipefitting often involve working with materials prone to corrosion, such as ferrous materials, and alternatives like PVC and CPVC, each presenting unique challenges. AMR’s extensive experience and class certification in various piping procedures and materials are crucial for successful pipe creation, installation, and pipefitting.

Our comprehensive pipefitting and plumbing services include the following methods:

  • Class-certified welding techniques
  • Press-fit pipe systems
  • Threaded pipe connections
  • Mechanical compression and tubing
  • High and low-pressure hose systems

We work with a variety of pipe and hose mediums, ensuring compatibility and durability for every marine need. This includes:

  • Copper nickel IPS 90/10 or 70/30 grade in Class 200 or Schedule 40 thickness
  • Stainless-steel 316L or 304 IPS schedule 10, 40 or 80
  • Mild Steel IPS a53 Grade B or A1006 Grade B schedule 40 or 80
  • Aluminum 5086 or 5086 series IPS schedule 40 or 80
  • Stainless-steel 316L or 304 mechanical tubing from 16 to 11 gauge
  • PVC and CPVC IPS schedule 40 and 80
  • Soft or wire reinforced hosing with numerous end connection capabilities. Most common for high pressure being AN 37° flared fittings and low pressure being hose barbed with clamps

Why Choose AMR for Your Marine Pipefitting and Plumbing Needs

Choosing AMR for your marine repair and pipefitting needs means prioritizing cost-effective repairs and high-quality replacements when necessary. Our certified pipefitters are adept at replicating exact pipes for your vessel, ensuring expert installation and flawless execution. We collaborate closely with vessel and class surveyors, guaranteeing every job meets the highest standards. Trust AMR for your marine plumbing and pipefitting requirements – experience our commitment to excellence and our reputation as the leading experts in the field.

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